Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Bioderminy is a company committed to providing quality and safe products expectations of its customers, and actively participate in all its product groups. It is endeavoring to provide 100% customer satisfaction by managing the production stages carefully and meticulously.

Quality control tests are carried out by internationally recognized standards by a team of experienced and experienced laboratories equipped with modern equipment .

At Bioderminy, we dedicated to achieving high Quality standards for our products and services through the application of the Bioderminy Management System for Quality & SHE (Safety, Health & Environment).

We are also committed to offering products that are skin friendly and planet friendly - made with ingredients that are 100% natural, naturally derived or nature identical and truly effective.

To sustainably create value and to effectively and efficiently build trust, Bioderminy:

. Guarantees product safety and full compliance by respecting our policies,

principles and standards with full transparency,

. Ensures and enhances preference and consistency to delight individuals and families

by valuing what they value and by offering products and services that always meet or exceed their expectations,

. Strives for zero defects and no waste by constantly looking for opportunities to apply our continuous improvement approach to deliver competitive advantage, and

. Engages everybody’s commitment across our complete value chain and at all levels of our organization to build the Bioderminy Quality mind-set.

We will pursue the following objectives:
.to assist our customers in recycling by advising them of the recyclable nature of our packaging
.to use natural, organic and certified organic ingredients to minimise impact on the environment
.to produce biodegradable products
.to continuously assess our environmental performance